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Righting the Wrongs in My Writing

As it turns out journalistic writing is much different than any essay or personal narrative that I’ve previously written.

When I was introduced to AP Style I questioned its authenticity and usefulness. Having never heard of it and never seen any difference in writing I assumed it was a ploy. Some obscure writing style that few people used in the professional world.

However, after a semester of endlessly searching up specific uses of words in the AP Stylebook and constantly formatting my writing, I finally understand how important it is.

I’ve transformed my writing.

From improving my understanding of quotes and attribution to interviewing people for stories, my grasp on journalistic writing is being fostered for the real world. Although I’m nowhere close to being an expert or begin writing for ESPN, I am ready to start exploring new writing techniques.

I’m ready to expand my scope of writing away from just short blog posts and news releases. I’m ready to write full feature stories and insightful pitches to news reporters.

I began the semester with a harsh outlook on writing and a narrow view of public relations. I believed that writing was boring and too linear to ever engage the reader. I saw public relations as a profession that revolved around communication through person to person interactions.

Now I understand the importance of connecting through social media for your contacts on pitches and the unique relationships that must be built. I realize how a small grammatical error could ruin any connections and not researching reporters could lead to you wasting their time as well as yours.

It’s simple now. Writing doesn’t have to be a complex jumble of words where you try to impress your reader with needless adjectives. Writing is just telling the story that needs to be told.

I’m growing as a writer and as a professional. What I have learned in PR317 will stay with me. The lessons I learned have brought a new understanding of public relations and communications to light.

Thank you, Professor Bell and every other professor who will help me continue to learn.



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