About Me


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Photo of myself taken by University of Texas Career Services


A Texas Longhorn through and through, I was born and raised in Austin. After leaving Austin for high school in San Antonio I returned in 2014 to study public relations at The University of Texas at Austin.

After finishing my freshmen year of college in the spring of 2015, I enlisted in the US Army and took a leave of absence from my studies. I recently returned from active duty and have come back to UT to finish my degree.

My goal after graduating is to work in sports entertainment either with a team or a sporting venue.

Fast cars, loud music, and the beautiful game of soccer. The thrill of the crowd roaring is what excites me more than anything else. The hush over any venue when everyone feels that the climax has arrived.

How do you get that feeling? How do we all know the unspoken language of entertainment? How can you support a team or love a band as much as someone from across the world when you’ve both never seen them play or perform?

That’s the question that drives me. If you take anything away from who I am. That’s what you need to know. I’m looking to excite and entertain people in ways they can’t get enough of.